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Keep Calm in Chaos

Our world gets crazier every day!  Sometimes we feel like it is hopeless to even try to keep up with the news. Robin shares her secrets of keeping a calm heart gleaned from God’s word and her study of The Practice of the Presence of God. Her companion book by the same title will be ready soon.

My Extreme Inside Makeover

A Material Girl Finds Meaning in Life

My Extreme Inside Makeover is the story of how God changed me from a “Material Girl”  to a more balanced person. My Extreme Inside makeover is an encouraging speech for anybody who likes a good love story, who has suffered the pain of parental divorce, and needs a good makeover from the inside. God did these things and more for me, and I would love to share my story with your group.

God’s Garden

A Slideshow of Robin’s Garden and God’s Lessons

I do a lot of flower gardening. As I tend these precious gifts, God teaches me lessons. I photograph the plants and things in the garden that God gives me as object lessons. Then I go back to my computer and write down the things God is teaching me. This is a fun slideshow for springtime and summer themes for ladies’ get-togethers.

Not Clueless, Just Keyless

A Dumb Blonde’s Guide to Getting Where You Need to Go

I admit to having spent thousands of hours looking for my keys. It’s hard to get where you need to go without your keys. This speech is just for laughs, and is a great talk if you need somebody to warm up your audience and get them laughing and having a good time.

A Blonde’s Guide to the Middle East

Robin Khoury Tells Funny Stories About Adventures in Israel and Jordan

My husband is a Christian Arab from Israel, (and yeah, that’s funny enough!) Through the years I have been to Israel five times to visit our family. As you might imagine, when an Okie lands in Israel, some pretty funny stuff happens. This multimedia show will help you understand the culture of the Middle East as well as transport y0u there via the slides and stories.

Please check back often as I post new talks. Also, if you have a theme or idea that you would like me to speak on to your group, please email me at and put speaking in the subject line. I will get right back with you and we can discuss your idea. God bless you!

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