Read Psalms Through Every Month

by Robin December 18, 2010 Uncategorized

Someone in my Sunday School class taught me this daily Bible reading plan, and it has really changed my life. This is how to read the Psalms through in a month. Start with the Psalm that matches the date: (Today is the 18th of Dec. so I found Psalm 18.) Read that one. Then add […]

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I Am the Vine

by Robin October 2, 2010 Christian Life

When I was in Israel I saw a lot of vines. I remembered what Jesus said. I am the vine, you are the branches.  Whoever Lives in me and I in him bears much fruit. However, apart from me,  cut off from vital union with me, you can do nothing…If you live in Me and…my […]

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My Mega Trip to Israel

by Robin September 30, 2010 Israel
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Gardening With God

by Robin July 27, 2010 Christian Life

The Lord always tells me stuff when I am watering my flowers. (That’s why if I’m not careful, this little job can do a scope creep that takes up my entire day!)  Here are a few of the gems I got today as I puttered around on my patio and in my yard. This hydrangea […]

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Sharing Laughs, My Testimony With Wichita Women

by Robin June 24, 2010 Uncategorized

Today has been a blonde day all the way around. I started my trip to Wichita by forgetting my dresses. (The ladies at the country clubs would have LOVED my shorts I’m sure!)  God gave me a chance to settle down and think, and when I stopped back by the house to get the dresses […]

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Sharing My Story Today

by Robin May 18, 2010 Christian Speaker

I had a great time with the ladies at the Norman Women’s Connection today. I shared my testimony, My Extreme Inside Makeover. I really want to get the book finished. My Women’s Connection talk is only 25 minutes long, and I want to fill in all of the details for those “Inquiring minds that want […]

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Children's Chores Teach Responsibility

by Robin April 20, 2010 american culture

Teaching Kids to Work When They Are Young Builds Character, Teaches Responsibility I just got back from the Metropolitan Baptist Church MOPS group. I enjoyed seeing all of the young mothers that I was Titus Woman to last year, and meeting new moms! We talked about chores for kids, and how to help your children […]

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My Visit With the Carmelite Nuns

by Robin March 16, 2010 Christian Children's book

I have been studying about Brother Lawrence for The Grumpy Monk and our newest book, Keep Calm in Chaos, which will be out in June. Since Brother Lawrence was a member of the order of Discalced Carmelite Monks, I did some online research on them.  Guess what?  Out of only a few orders in the […]

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Practicing the Presence of God While Doing Laundry

by Robin March 4, 2010 Christian Children's book

Oh ain’t it lovely! Ain’t it fun!  My Granny used to say, “Man must work from sun to sun, but a woman’s work is never done.  I admit it. I didn’t want to fold those towels today. I really wanted to put them in the basket and dread them a while. Of course, this is […]

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New York School District Denies Christian Club

by Robin February 26, 2010 american culture

Why Homeschooling? DUH! People used to wonder why I homeschooled my kids. Well, it was a really radical thing to do back in 1990 when I started. I have to say, there probably isn’t any decision I’ve ever made as a mom that is affirmed as often as that one. Take this recent headline on […]

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