Power over the Devil

by Robin on November 9, 2012

If you don’t believe in the devil, come follow me around for a day. Yesterday one of our students at Little Light Christian School was having a problem with lessons. (S)/he was saying ugly words and refusing to work.  Even after a 10 minute stay in the “think about it” room nothing had changed. I […]

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Welcome, Marley, the therapy dog!

by Robin on August 3, 2012

Marley is a gift from God. God cares about stuff like dogs, children, and other things that some people think aren’t important. But I know it’s true because God just opened up the windows of heaven and provided Marley for the Little Light Christian School. It all started last year when God gave me a […]

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He Leadeth Me

by Robin on February 4, 2012

Feb 1, 2012 He Leadeth Me By Robin Khoury I love old timey hymns, and He Leadeth Me was always one of my favorites. It is even one of the few songs that I can bang out on the piano. Yesterday the good Lord led me so clearly that I had to share it with […]

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Hello world!

by Robin on January 4, 2012

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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Read Psalms Through Every Month

by Robin on December 18, 2010

Someone in my Sunday School class taught me this daily Bible reading plan, and it has really changed my life. This is how to read the Psalms through in a month. Start with the Psalm that matches the date: (Today is the 18th of Dec. so I found Psalm 18.) Read that one. Then add […]

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Today has been a blonde day all the way around. I started my trip to Wichita by forgetting my dresses. (The ladies at the country clubs would have LOVED my shorts I’m sure!)  God gave me a chance to settle down and think, and when I stopped back by the house to get the dresses […]

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Jesus the Good Shepherd

by Robin on December 10, 2009

Jesus is my shepherd. He does lead me along. Occasionally I stray off like silly sheep do. But Jesus takes out his staff and guides me back to the right way. Sometimes I get a spanking with the rod. But yesterday he led me beside the still waters and restored my soul. My cup is […]

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Good News From Arabs

by Robin on November 12, 2009

In light of all of the bad news coming out of the Arab community, (in view of the Fort Hood tragedy last week,) I thought I would post this video. This is my Godchild, Rozan Khoury. The first time I went to Israel in 1981 I participated in her baptism and was asked to be […]

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