Power over the Devil

by Robin on November 9, 2012

If you don’t believe in the devil, come follow me around for a day.

Yesterday one of our students at Little Light Christian School was having a problem with lessons. (S)/he was saying ugly words and refusing to work.  Even after a 10 minute stay in the “think about it” room nothing had changed. I went to the room and excused the coach. I sat with the child for 20 minutes, each which represented a minute lost from recess, but still no change. This particular child always lets us know by a look on his or her face that there is a problem. (S)he always gets a certain cloudy, pouty expression when his or her attitude is bad.(S)he had “the look”, and it was even  more pronounced than usual.

I began to pray out loud, as I am prone to do when students are struggling with attitudes. I started praising Jesus. When I said the name “Jesus” (s)he began growling like a dog. I asked the Holy Spirit to be present, and (s)he grabbed his/her ears and started shaking his/her head “no”.  (S)he looked up and glared at  me with a look of pure hatred. I continued to pray, thanking Jesus for his blood, for dying on the cross, for the Resurrection. More gutteral sounds came from deep within the child.

I went and got the coach, and together we prayed out loud over the child for several minutes. when we finished, the ugly expression had melted away. “Would you like to go and finish your work now?” the coach asked. The child said, “yes” and ended up completing his/her work in a happy way.

Thank you Lord, that you have defeated the enemy, and that we have power over him through Your blood and Your resurrection. I praise you for this victory and many more to come in this child’s life. I claim him/her for your Kingdom in Jesus’ name!  Amen.

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