One Reason KD Is So Nice

by Robin on January 11, 2012


When you spend a little time with Wanda Pratt, mother of OKC Thunder basketball player Kevin Durant, you understand one reason that her son Kevin is such A nice guy. Today Wanda was at Esther Women, the monthly luncheon for women of Faith at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church. Jayne Jayroe interviewed Wanda as well as Gayle Griffin, mother of OKC’s own Blake Griffin, winner of the NBA’s Slam Dunk Contest last year. Both of these women shed light on their faith walk while raising their boys.

Jayne asked Wanda if she was a fan and she paused. “Well, I’m his fan but I’m also his mama. So I don’t let him see that I’m his fan. Sometimes I have to tell him to pick it up on defense.” This was followed by a big laugh.

Tears flowed when Jayne asked Wanda about her relationship with God. After describing her vivid salvation experience, stopping several times to try to stem the tide of tears, she said, “I didn’t want to mess up my makeup, you all.”

Jayne asked her about raising her children as a single mom. Wanda smiled and said, “I feel like we have always been blessed. We had good times together and some hard times, but it was our life. We just lived our lives. I didn’t do anything different than a lot of other moms who sacrifice for their kids.

Wanda shared her biggest fear Kevin was that he would marry the wrong girl. One piece of motherly advice that she gives to Kevin is that he must always be mindful of the little boys who look up to him. “I try to tell him not to ever take his position for granted,” she said. “It didn’t have to be you, you have been blessed.” And we have been blessed to have the Durant family in OKC.

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