George Mueller, Man of Faith

by Robin on July 29, 2011

Right now I am reading the autobiography of George Mueller.  God is using this book to teach me so many things. He lived back in the early eighteen hundreds in England. His ministry included Bible distribution, schools for poor children, Sunday Schools for adults, support of foreign missionaries in their work. His major work was starting and maintaining orpanages, which by 1875, educated and completely cared for 2000 English children.

George was quite a scoundrel in his youth and early twenties.He had a little trouble getting on the right track, but once he did he did not waver.  God called George Mueller out of his sinful ways and into a life of trust in Him.

George Mueller was an indpendent servant of God. He was never affiliated with any Missionary Organization or denomination to get his support. He relied only on private donations as God was pleased to send them to him. In case you are imagining George spending a lot of time fundraising, think again!  His whole foundation for ministry, his mission statement, was that others may see from his ministry that God supplies us with our every need and that we can trust him.  Mr. Mueller would not even answer people when they directly asked about the needs of his ministry. He relied solely on the convicting power of the Holy Spirit to nudge the saints to give to him.

What George Mueller did, in effect, was a trade off. He traded a lot of hours pounding the pavement for donations for a lot of hours spent talking to God. The thing about this method is, that in this process, not only were his needs met, but he was changed in the process. God used these hours  of fellowship to continually increase George Mueller’s faith. In turn God worked through this humble servant and God received His rightful glory.

Take Away

This part of the story speaks to me in several ways. First, if you know a young man who is a scoundrel, pray for him. Pray for God to call him out as he did His servant, George Mueller. Second, ask God for the things that you need. (You have not because you ask not. James 4:2 b)

I’m still trying to take this in. Lord, help me rely on You for everything.  Help me lead Little Light Ministries as George Muller led.

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