Planned Parenthood Busted

by Robin on February 2, 2011

Well Hallelujah! It’s about time somebody busted the giant  federally funded abortion mill, Planned Parenthood. Good JobLila Rose and! They shot an undercover video (a la ACORN) and caught a Planned Parenthood employee giving advice to a couple whom she thought to be a pimp and prostitute on how to fake reports and such for underage girls working for them. What a joke! Stuart Schear, the spokesperson for Planned Parenthood just called Live-Action “an extreme group.” Yeah. He said,  “Live-Action is an extreme group trying to deny young women health care.” These folks have a pretty weird view of health care, don’t they?

I have to say, how great it was to see this beautiful 23 year old, Lila Rose, defend her organization on CNN. She did such a good job! Defunding of Planned Parenthood is long overdue.

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