Read Psalms Through Every Month

by Robin on December 18, 2010

Someone in my Sunday School class taught me this daily Bible reading plan, and it has really changed my life. This is how to read the Psalms through in a month. Start with the Psalm that matches the date: (Today is the 18th of Dec. so I found Psalm 18.) Read that one. Then add thirty to 18, (uh, duh, let’s see, I guess that would be 48.) Other than the math part, this Psalm reading plan is really easy! :) Read Psalm 48 now. Add 30 to that and you come up with Psalm 78. Read Psalm 78, add thirty, then read 108. Add 30, read Psalm 138. The Psalms end with 150, so you stop at 138 for today. The only time I deviate from this is on the day that Psalm 119 comes up. It is so long that I try to read it at other times. (Ms. Johnson, who started Bible study fellowship, read this Psalm every day!) Perhaps that should be my goal for the new year?

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