Gardening With God

by Robin on July 27, 2010

The Lord always tells me stuff when I am watering my flowers. (That’s why if I’m not careful, this little job can do a scope creep that takes up my entire day!)  Here are a few of the gems I got today as I puttered around on my patio and in my yard.

a burned up hydrangea

Burned up Hydrangea

This hydrangea is burning up because it is not planted in the right spot. God made this plant to live in the shade where it is cool. This plant has not bloomed for two whole years because basically I’ve been to lazy to move it. I keep thinking that it is going to come out of it. I need to face the fact that God designed this plant to live in another place. What has God designed you to do? Are you serving in the spot that He has fitted you for?

Gorgeous Planter, right?

This planter is one of my favorite things on my patio. My husband bought this for me a couple of years ago on our anniversary. I’ve never had caladiums do as well as in this planter. Last year, I planted it with impatiens, and they did wonderful too!  So, what’s the story? Well….. it’s actually a fountain.

Fountain Piece in Lion's mouth

Fountain Piece in Lion's mouth

See where the water used to come out?  And that was one of the problems. The water came out of his mouth in this huge strong stream. So instead of the lovely tinkling sound of water, it sounded like someone running a bath! There is another problem with this fountain if you examine it closely.

Broken Fountain

It’s even broken!  Up close if you move the caladiums aside, you see this place where our May 16th hailstorm  hit it.

So the Lord’s message to me in this today was: “You think you know what you do best, but actually I do. Do what you do beautifully, and leave the rest to others. Yes, I know you have imperfections and broken parts. Don’t worry about this. Turn your life over to me, and I will make it beautiful!”

God's Gorgeous Planter!


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