Sharing Laughs, My Testimony With Wichita Women

by Robin on June 24, 2010

Today has been a blonde day all the way around. I started my trip to Wichita by forgetting my dresses. (The ladies at the country clubs would have LOVED my shorts I’m sure!)  God gave me a chance to settle down and think, and when I stopped back by the house to get the dresses on the way out of town, I didn’t double check to see if anything else was amiss.  When mom and I got about 50 mi. out of Wichita I said, “Get that folder out of the back seat that has all of the directions in it.”

This so named folder is the folder that I had devoted the previous 2 days of my life to.  Making neatly stapled stacks of directions to the hotel, the country clubs, my speech, my introduction….in short my life for the next 3 days.   “There is no folder  back here.”  My mom can be such a killjoy!

Thank goodness I had just worked over my fax machine and Chad was able to fax the guts of that folder to the hotel.  So yes, I need a handler.  Anybody need something to do?  The ladies at the East Wichita Christian Women’s Club were so much fun!  Now I’m getting ready to speak again tonight at the West Wichita club.  Here are a few photos of our laughs during my talk, “My Extreme Inside Makeover.”

So happy to have Mama with me  today!

Showing off Grumpy Monk

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