Children's Chores Teach Responsibility

by Robin on April 20, 2010

Teaching Kids to Work When They Are Young Builds Character, Teaches Responsibility

I just got back from the Metropolitan Baptist Church MOPS group. I enjoyed seeing all of the young mothers that I was Titus Woman to last year, and meeting new moms! We talked about chores for kids, and how to help your children learn to do chores. Chores serve many puposes in the home. They:

  • Build Character
  • Build a child’s self esteem
  • teach responsibility
  • give structure to your day
  • help your family be happy

As moms, one of our greatest responsibilities and challenges is teaching our children to do their chores. This does not need to be a problem. It can even be fun! The definition of work is: exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplish something; labor; toil.  We can teach our children to exert themselves, to direct their efforts to produce or accomplish something. Then in a few short years they will be ready to take care of themselves, their families, and maybe even you!

Help Children Learn to Have a Good Attitude While Doing Chores

We must model the right attitude about work for children. If we gripe and moan about doing housework, or neglect to do it, our children will  learn to do this as well. Since I started writing The Grumpy Monk, The Practice of the Presence of God for Children, I have become increasingly aware of my own attitude toward work. We must learn to do everything out of love for God and not duty. This will give us the right heart as we work.

Asking a Child to Do Chores Reveals What is in His or Her Heart

When you ask a child to do a chore, you will immediately learn the state of his or her heart. Does your child willingly obey, or is there rebellion lurking inside? We must repent of our own rebellion toward God, and then guide our children to do their chores out of love for God also. Brother Lawrence, who wrote The Practice of the Presence of God, said that he had the same peace in the noise and clatter of his kitchen, when many people were asking for things, as he did when he was on his knees in church.  God help us learn to practice his presence, even while doing our chores!

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