Practicing the Presence of God While Doing Laundry

by Robin on March 4, 2010

robin doing laundryOh ain’t it lovely! Ain’t it fun!  My Granny used to say, “Man must work from sun to sun, but a woman’s work is never done.  I admit it. I didn’t want to fold those towels today.

robin with load of towels

I really wanted to put them in the basket and dread them a while. Of course, this is not what God wanted me to do. He cares about laundry. Oh, I know, isn’t that silly of Him?  I keep asking Him why He cares about stuff like that. But He does. I guess it has something to do with Him being a God of order and all of that. (Let all things be done decently and in order.)  Ouch! God and my husband, they have this order club going that I just don’t get.  Anyway, let’s say that I needed a big attitude adjustment.  (I have hated to fold clothes ever since I was little. I used to beg my mom to let me do the dishes instead!)

Yep, there they are.  Still there. Waiting on me. “God, don’t you realize that I have MUCH more important things to be doing instead of THIS? Don’t you know how much stuff I have to do to promote the book? This is such a waste of time right now!”

Oh, yeah. The book. The Grumpy Monk. Practicing the Presence of God for kids. Story about a monk who hated his job. He learned how to be happy and peaceful while doing work he hated. Oh, yeah! Brother Lawrence realized that God cares about everything we do. He started doing every small chore in his life out of love for God, rather than duty.

Lord, fill me with your Spirit. Empower me to love you with all that I am. Teach me to do your will, and guide me in the work that you have prepared beforehand for me to do. Give me joy in serving that You gave Brother Lawrence. Amen.

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