New York School District Denies Christian Club

by Robin on February 26, 2010

Why Homeschooling? DUH!

People used to wonder why I homeschooled my kids. Well, it was a really radical thing to do back in 1990 when I started. I have to say, there probably isn’t any decision I’ve ever made as a mom that is affirmed as often as that one. Take this recent headline on Fox News website:

N.Y. High School Sued for Disbanding Christian Student Club

The bottom line is that in Half Hollow Hills High school they have over 60 clubs, (including a gay rights club.) Isn’t it amazing that they decided to cancel the Ichthus club  without notice. The Ichthus Club was started four years ago by a student who just graduated last year. The student’s little sister was looking forward to being in the club this year. Strangely enough, Ichthus was denied club status this year.

Mom Fights For Kids’ Right to Have a Christian Club at School

There is a heroine in this story. It is the students’ mom, who has only let herself be known as “Mrs. P.” Mrs. P got wind of the school’s anti Christian  leanings when her son was forming the club.  It turns out that the school tried to block the formation of the club, and only allowed it to get started when Mrs. P threatened legal action. So it isn’t really a big surprise then that they gave the club the ax as soon as her son, the founder, graduated. Good for Mrs. P! She contacted The Alliance Defense Fund, who has taken  the discrimination case.

Superintendant Claims Club Cut for Budgetary Reasons

According to Dr. Sheldon Karnilow, the Superintendant, there were lots of reasons not to let the club form this year. He says that there wasn’t a faculty advisor. (Even though Mrs. P offered to find an advisor.)  He says that there were 16 other clubs which were cut strictly for budgetary reasons. (Wonder how they decided which ones to keep?) He claims that there were only six or seven students attending regularly. (David Cortman, the ADF attorney, denies this. According to him there were regularly thirty or so attendees with fifty on the roster.) Why, Dr. Karnilow was so accomodating that he even offered to shuttle Mrs. P’s daughter to another school to attend their Ichthus club. (leave class early, miss work, and find her own ride home.)  Gee that was nice of him.

One Day, Jesus Will Set It All Straight!

Wonder if Dr. Karnilow knows what Ichthus means? Ichthus is a transliteration of the Greek word for fish.  The Greek spelling of Ichthus is IXOYE.  The Greek word fish—IXOYE—forms the acrostic “Iesous, Christos, Theou, Yios, Soter” or “Jesus, Christ, God’s, Son, Savior.” It will indeed be sweet when those who are the big shots in this world like Dr. Karnilow get put in their places, when every knee shall bow and every tongue confesses that Jesus Christ is Lord.

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