Thoughts About Servant Leadership

by Robin on January 18, 2010

Pastor Randall Faulkner DMin

Yesterday at church, (Metropolitan Baptist in Oklahoma City) we honored our Pastor, Dr. Randall Faulkner. He has shepherded our flock for twenty years in a day when a hundred and fifty thousand pastors leave the pulpit every month and the average stay of a Pastor at a church is eight years. Thank God for men like Pastor Faulkner, who aren’t on a fast track to building a mega chuch, but are busy about shepherding their flocks. Just like Jesus! Pastor Rick Hermanson gave a brief but powerful message on servant leadership. Here are the high points:

Servant Leadership

If you want to be like Jesus, you have to serve like Jesus. If you want to serve like Jesus, you have to live like Jesus. None of us can do this in our own power. If you want to be a servant leader you must constantly open your mind, heart, life, and everything you are to God.

Advice on Servant Leadership From 2 Peter 5

  1. Shepherd God’s Flock
  2. Serve People Willingly
  3. Serve Eagerly- Be ready in mind and heart. This is worthy of your very best effort.
  4. Your flock is assigned by God to your care. Lead by example.

Let yourself be molded by God. This doesn’t happen overnight. It fits in with the practice of being a shepherd. Call your sheep, do not push them from behind. Trust and obey regardless of your emotional state.

Amen!  I would highly encourage you to follow the link and listen to this entire msg. on servant leadership when they get it posted. (It isn’t up yet, but check back in a day or two.)  And thanks again and happy anniversary, Pastor Randy!  Every family needs a Pastor like you.

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