Christian Arabs Produce Christmas Show in Israel

by Robin on December 22, 2009

Rosan Khoury, the Newest Star

Ms. Khoury and Family Host the First Christmas Show in Her Arabic Village in Israel


Will wonders never cease? The first time I visited Israel in 1981, Rosan Khoury was a babe in arms, less than a year old. I was honored to become her Godmother, or shbenti as we call it in Arabic. We are proud of Rosan for the lovely person she is. But God has blessed Rosan with an incredible voice. And Rosan hit it out of the park two nights ago in the little Arab village of Tarshiha, nestled in the northern hills of Israel. Rosan and her brother Jeries produced and starred in a Christmas program, the first of its kind in the village. This is really unheard of around there. (You might imagine that Christmas shows aren’t exactly all the rage in Israel.)

She played to a packed house. Mind you, this wasn’t a “holiday show.” It was a Christmas show. If you go to the Arabic community website, note all of the comments. (You have to scroll down to start the pictures.)  As we perused them last night, we found comments from Christians, and Muslims. Even one Bedoin man from Jordan wrote about howmuch he enjoyed the show!  As we are bombarded ad nauseum with Santa and Rudolph, Jesus was remembered bigtime night before last just a few miles from where He was born.

Merry Christmas from all of us Khoury’s to you!




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