Too Bad About Carrie Underwood

by Robin on December 8, 2009

I got so excited last night when my son called and told me that there was going to be a Carrie Underwood Christmas special on. (He knows how much I love country music. I’m talking the clean kind.) And of course all of us in Oklahoma are so proud of her, or I should say were so proud of her.

I followed Carrie all the way through American idol. A fresh faced girl from Checotah Oklahoma. (That’s pronounced “chu koh tuh” for those of you non Okies. The u’s are short, like “duh”.) Carrie was one of us. And not just any Oklahoma girl. She was beautiful and sweet, but she also embodied our better values. She looked cute, but she was always dressed on the modest side.

Boy has that ever changed. She came out last night on her special on Fox wearing these black leather pants that seemed like a second skin. Her first song was some horrible cross over rock thing with all of the hip swaying nasty dance moves and disgusting male (supposed to be sensuous I suppose) dancers around her. It looked like a Brittney Spears wannabee show, or a “On the Way to Becoming Another Madonna” act. It was truly nauseating.

Another disappointing part of the show, (before I encouraged my dear husband to switch it to the basketball game) was these cheesy little comedy routines they had between songs that characterized Carrie as bribing Simon during American idol, and trying to discourage and mess with Beau Bice’s head backstage before his Idol performance, and other dumb situations that I can’t remember. Why would Carrie allow Fox to characterize her in this manner? Who is her manager, anyway?

I pray that Carrie finds her way out of the entertainment industry’s toilet and goes back to her roots. It’s just so sad to see somebody like her take the low road when she could tell all of the low life’s that are encouraging her to do these things to jump in a lake and be more popular than ever, as well as being an example for all of the little girls that are watching her.

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