Gotta Love Susan Boyle

by Robin on December 3, 2009

Susan Boyle has sold over seven hundred and fifty thousand of her new albums. The fact that she is blowing Madonna and Brittney Spears off of the chart is pretty funny. The chubby little English old maid who had never been kissed a few months ago is blasting up the charts without nasty lyrics and sacriligious pornographic videos. All she does is sing. All of those years practicing with her hairbrush as a microphone have paid off now for Susan. The irony of the whole fantastic story of Susan is so inspiring. I still feel like standing up with the crowd on the You Tube Video of Susan at her first Britain’s Got Talent debut. The fact that her cd’s are selling shows that people will buy music if you give them a good choice. God bless you, Susan. And don’t give away that first kiss too soon.

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