Good News From Arabs

by Robin on November 12, 2009

In light of all of the bad news coming out of the Arab community, (in view of the Fort Hood tragedy last week,) I thought I would post this video. This is my Godchild, Rozan Khoury. The first time I went to Israel in 1981 I participated in her baptism and was asked to be her shebinit, (godmother.)  We are very proud of Rozan.  This concert was held in her hometown of Tarshiha, Israel this last summer. She has her Masters in music and cello from Jerusalem University.  Rozan also won the Israel equivalent of American Idol a couple of years ago.  If you want to be encouraged, and you want to see the beautiful side of Arabic culture, listen to Rozan.  It is worth noting that our family are Christian Arabs. I pray that Rozan will be a blessing to you today!

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