An Eye Opening Day

by Robin on July 17, 2009

A Visit to the Oklahoma County Jail

I have been doing quite a bit of prison ministry lately. Last Sunday Pastor Argyl Dick from Oklahoma Jail and Prison Mnistries came to our church. He told us about his ministry inside the Oklahoma County Jail. The ministry provides spiritual counseling for inmates that have asked to see a spiritual counselor.  Pastor Dick read some notes from the inmates. One of them said, “I want to get saved.” Accourding to the Pastor, this type of request is very common at the jail.  My friend Jan went with me, and we really enjoyed it. We toured the jail. We even got to go up to an empty pod that is being redecorated.

Inside a Cell at the Oklahoma County Jail

We went inside a cell.  Talk about clostrophobia!  I haven’t felt so awful since I was inside whatever cave that is at Silver Dollar City.  Actually, I probably felt a little better in the cave even though it was pitch black.  The cell was about 12 feet long by eight feet wide. It houses 2-3 inmates. There are 2 bunks built into the wall and a little metal desk with no  chair and a toilet with sink.  Sometimes they put a third inmate on the floor in a “boat” bed.

I left that jail feeling so grateful that so far I have never had to be locked up in a place like that. God help those who are.

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