Power over the Devil

by Robin on November 9, 2012

If you don’t believe in the devil, come follow me around for a day.

Yesterday one of our students at Little Light Christian School was having a problem with lessons. (S)/he was saying ugly words and refusing to work.  Even after a 10 minute stay in the “think about it” room nothing had changed. I went to the room and excused the coach. I sat with the child for 20 minutes, each which represented a minute lost from recess, but still no change. This particular child always lets us know by a look on his or her face that there is a problem. (S)he always gets a certain cloudy, pouty expression when his or her attitude is bad.(S)he had “the look”, and it was even  more pronounced than usual.

I began to pray out loud, as I am prone to do when students are struggling with attitudes. I started praising Jesus. When I said the name “Jesus” (s)he began growling like a dog. I asked the Holy Spirit to be present, and (s)he grabbed his/her ears and started shaking his/her head “no”.  (S)he looked up and glared at  me with a look of pure hatred. I continued to pray, thanking Jesus for his blood, for dying on the cross, for the Resurrection. More gutteral sounds came from deep within the child.

I went and got the coach, and together we prayed out loud over the child for several minutes. when we finished, the ugly expression had melted away. “Would you like to go and finish your work now?” the coach asked. The child said, “yes” and ended up completing his/her work in a happy way.

Thank you Lord, that you have defeated the enemy, and that we have power over him through Your blood and Your resurrection. I praise you for this victory and many more to come in this child’s life. I claim him/her for your Kingdom in Jesus’ name!  Amen.

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Welcome, Marley, the therapy dog!

by Robin on August 3, 2012

therapy dog Marley with his master, Robin Khoury

Marley is a gift from God. God cares about stuff like dogs, children, and other things that some people think aren’t important. But I know it’s true because God just opened up the windows of heaven and provided Marley for the Little Light Christian School. It all started last year when God gave me a vision for the school. He impressed on me that we should have a homey atmosphere at the school. You know, soft places and rugs and a plant here and there. The children need a garden to care for and plenty of art and music after academics are finished. And of course, an on site therapy and literacy dog! When I wrote the overview I included all of those things.

So a few weeks ago I googled “price of a therapy dog” and found that they generally cost anywhere from 3 to 5 thousand dollars! That’s when the Lord and I had our real serious talk. “You did tell me to put that in the overview, Lord. Now I need you to help me get one!”  I started looking on Craigslist. I visited a labradoodle that his owners wanted a 300.00 rehoming fee. He was a little rambunctious.  I said, “Lord, if he is our dog, let the lady offer to give him to us.” Not only did she not offer to give him to us, but she decided to keep him! Back to Craigslist. Four days later I saw this post: Licensed therapy dog: up to date on shots, basic obedience, canine good citizen, loves children and well socialized with other animals. This dog will be free to the right home.

I started frantically emailing Ann, the owner of Service Dog Training Center in Piedmont. There were already people in line for the dog ahead of me.  I told Ann about Little Light Christian School, our school for children with incarcerated parents, and how they really need a dog. She said, “I would be honored to find you a dog, but Marley is probably going to some handicapped children.”  She  did make an appointment for me to come out and look at a labradoodle that she thought might be available.  When I got to my appointment the next week, I knocked on the door of the big garage-like center. It was like entering an episode of the Dog Whisperer! (I really think this was a test. Ann can be sneaky.)  My mother and I greeted the crew of dogs, and especially started petting the yellow lab and shepherd mix.

I asked where the labradoodle was. “She isn’t available,” Ann said.  I almost started crying. “Why did she bring me all the way out here?” I wondered.  Then she said, “This is Marley.”

“But I thought you were giving him to the handicapped children!”

“Well, I don’t think they are quite ready for a dog. I don’t think it was a fit for Marley.”

Well, we fell in love, and Ann decided that my home and the Little Light Christian School was the right place of service for Marley.  That’s how God answers prayer!  Next time I will tell you about Marley’s history.  It is a real redemption story!

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He Leadeth Me

by Robin February 4, 2012 Christian Life

Feb 1, 2012 He Leadeth Me By Robin Khoury I love old timey hymns, and He Leadeth Me was always one of my favorites. It is even one of the few songs that I can bang out on the piano. Yesterday the good Lord led me so clearly that I had to share it with […]

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One Reason KD Is So Nice

by Robin January 11, 2012 Christian Life

When you spend a little time with Wanda Pratt, mother of OKC Thunder basketball player Kevin Durant, you understand one reason that her son Kevin is such A nice guy. Today Wanda was at Esther Women, the monthly luncheon for women of Faith at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church. Jayne Jayroe interviewed Wanda as well […]

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Hello world!

by Robin January 4, 2012 Uncategorized

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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Christmas Roast for 20 People

by Robin December 24, 2011 recipes

Merry Christmas! As usual, I would like to share one of my family recipes as my gift to you. Today I am cooking a roast dinner for twenty, as tonight is Arab Christmas. The Arabs all come over and we feast and open presents and love each other. (What Christmas is all about!) So, I’m […]

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What Do You Call a Lemon With No Taste?

by Robin August 30, 2011 american culture

If you get a car that breaks down all of the time, you bought a lemon. If you get stuck with anything that doesn’t work, well, you got a lemon. But what do you call a lemon that doesn’t work? A few days ago I made a batch of tabouli, ( a middle eastern salad […]

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George Mueller, Man of Faith

by Robin July 29, 2011 book review

Right now I am reading the autobiography of George Mueller.  God is using this book to teach me so many things. He lived back in the early eighteen hundreds in England. His ministry included Bible distribution, schools for poor children, Sunday Schools for adults, support of foreign missionaries in their work. His major work was […]

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Planned Parenthood Busted

by Robin February 2, 2011 abortion

Well Hallelujah! It’s about time somebody busted the giant  federally funded abortion mill, Planned Parenthood. Good JobLila Rose and Live-Action.org! They shot an undercover video (a la ACORN) and caught a Planned Parenthood employee giving advice to a couple whom she thought to be a pimp and prostitute on how to fake reports and such […]

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It's Not About the Bike

by Robin January 18, 2011 book review

Resolution to Read One of my new year’s resolutions is to read two books per month. Last month I read “The Working Poor” by David Shipler. Though I don’t agree with Shipler on a lot of stuff, his pulitzer prize winning book has changed the way that I think about poor and homeless people. Today […]

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